but Neville being the greatest godfather to ever godfather though

  • always popping round for dinner in the holidays whenever he can to see his godson
  • flooing to the Potters’ as soon as classes have finished on Albus’ birthday so he can spent as much time as he can with him
  • making sure that Albus always had someone to talk to about personal stuff when he felt he couldn’t go to either of his parents
  • taking both Albus and James out during the first few months after Lily was born to make sure they never felt left out or replaced, and to reassure them that they are still loved
  • still joking around with Albus when he finally came to Hogwarts
  • whenever he scolded someone in the class that Albus didn’t like or someone that was giving him a hard time, he’s always turn around and give him a sly wink and Albus would stifle a giggle
  • helping Albus with homework he was stuck on, whether it was Herbology or not, regardless of having his own work to do or papers to mark because he still remembers how difficult things were for him
  • Neville buying him all the things Ginny and Harry thought he was just a little too young for, and then reminding Ginny and Harry about all the shit they used to get up to when they were Al’s age
  • Neville inviting Albus to his quarters for lunch and telling him all the childhood stories about his parents and uncles that they had all conveniently “forgot” to mention
  • Neville being the best godfather Albus could ever wish for
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madame pomfrey immediately after the war being like “potter i don’t give a rotting rat’s ass if you saved the wizarding world, you’re MY patient and you DIED twelve hours ago so you’re going to STAY IN THAT BED AND HEAL UNTIL I SAY SO”

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