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tiny ginny weasley, growing up with six brothers, deathly afraid of being branded “girly”, because “girly” from the sneering mouths of fred and george meant weak, inadequate, pathetic

ginny weasley at eight years old, sick of her hair flowing down to her bottom, sick of tying it into plaits and pigtails, grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping it all off with messy hacks - then molly was gasping, snatching the scissors from her grasp, yelling at her and mourning her “beautiful, beautiful” hair

ginny weasley at twelve years old, fresh from the horrors of her first year and accepting her dorm-mate’s mascara. after everything that happened, she’s trying to make friends, and her dorm-mates are trying too. so she takes the mascara wand and, for the first time, applies it. it’s clumpy and uneven but her dorm-mates help her perfect it - it’s girly and feminine and against everything she’s ever stood for, against the reputation she had built at the burrow, but she kind of likes the dark weight on her eyelashes

ginny weasley slowly recognising and destroying her internalised misogyny as she progresses through hogwarts - ginny weasley embracing makeup and quidditch in equal measures, ginny weasley burping the alphabet and squeezing into the tiniest of skirts, ginny weasley being stark and cold and fearsome as well as giggly and sweet and flirty. ginny weasley standing up for the tomboys of hogwarts as well as the girliest of girls. don’t fuck with girl-power ginny weasley or you’ll be bat-bogey hexed into next week.

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In case anyone’s disappointed that we’re getting a new film series about this random Newt Scamander guy rather than Harry’s parents or even his kids, I’m gonna explain why this is actually seriously fucking awesome:

  1. His series is set 70 years before Harry’s. Since the books are set in the 90s, that means we’re getting a period Wizarding World movie set in the Roaring Twenties. This is only made more amazing by the fact that
  2. its setting begins in New York City. We finally get to see what it’s like to be a witch or wizard outside of Europe. Is there a version of Diagon Alley in Brooklyn? Is there a hidden platform for wizards at Grand Central Station? We may even get some insight into what an American wizarding school looks like…but probably not much, and this comes with its own pros and cons. Newt himself went to Hogwarts, and ultimately becomes one of its many esteemed headmasters. So while American magical education may still remain elusive….
  3. chances are, we’re going to literally go back to Hogwarts (maybe as soon as the end of the first movie, optimistically?).
  4. The screenplays will be penned by J.K. Rowling herself. This gives her more control over the project than she’s ever had on any of the other movies, even as a producer. Everything in the movie will be real and canon, straight from the creator with very little content sacrificed.
  5. The title of the book and now film series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, promises endless excitement. We’ll get to see so much of what was cut from the movies: real knowledge about hippogriffs, centaurs, mermaids, and a hell of a lot more. And we’ll see it first-hand through Newt, who makes it his job to immerse himself in these creatures’ environments.
  6. Newt is going to be a young adult at the time this series is set, so we get an older perspective of wizarding life. Less school, more career and lifestyle.
  7. And, of course, more of the magic that defined a generation.
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