Imagine James Potter getting wasted and making a bet with Sirius that he can totally transform into his Animagus shape no biggie - and it goes fine but then he’s too drunk to change back and Muggles get confronted with this really drunk deer roaming the streets pursued by a man who can’t stop laughing



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The Wild Blue Haired Boy & His Veela Girl


Bill Weasley stops buy the Potters’ tent when Harry and Ginny are at dinner and suggests going to the bar for a drink. James and Albus jump up and down with excitement (and so does Lily, though that’s mostly because she doesn’t want to miss out on any fun her brothers might have), but Bill just smiles and shakes his head. “You guys are a bit young still, but I reckon our Ted’s old enough to come too, don’t you?”

“Erm,” says Teddy, because right now really doesn’t seem the time to be disagreeing with anything Bill Weasley might say, but he did promise Harry and Ginny he’d look after the kids (“And no lurking in dark corners, yeah?” Ginny had said, barely able to contain her laughter. Hilarious she was, his godmother).

“Teddy’s babysitting us,” James says. “But we don’t really need a babysitter, we’re too old for that now,” he adds hopefully.

Bill laughs. “I don’t think so, mate,” he says. “But it’s not a problem—I’ve bought a replacement along.” He reaches behind him and pushes his daughter—face as thunderous as he’s ever seen it—forward.

“Da-ad,” she says. “I can walk, I’m not a child!”

“Victoire!” bellows Lily, delighted. “YAY! Come in my tent and I will show you all my things and can I paint your nails and will you do my hair and did you know that when I was getting water with Daddy earlier today there was a man who…” Her voice trails off as she drags Victoire into the tent, and Teddy has no chance now of getting what Victoire was frantically trying to mouth at him. He’d managed ‘Dad’ and ‘really mad’ and thinks that maybe that was enough to cover it, but the look Bill’s giving him now is…actually quite pleasant?

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ϟ 95) When Teddy was an infant, his hair turned color to match that of the person he wanted to hold him. This worked well when he wanted his godfather, which was often, but it became incredibly confusing when he sought a Weasley. There were many hasty rounds of pass-the-baby-because-dear-god-stop-the-crying.

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remus has one of the most tragic and intense stories in the entire harry potter series to me, he’s a person who has been through hell — he’s lost everything, he’s shunned and despised for things outside of his own control, he’s been beaten and broken by a world that he himself wants to fit into so badly.

but he’s still kind. he’s still kind, and funny, and incredibly brave. after all of the pain and betrayal and hurt, he is still a good person. he still wants to fight to fix the world. he dies trying to fix it because he believes in the potential to make something so fucked-up into something beautiful. 

that’s why i love remus so much — he reminds me to strive towards kindness and bravery. he reminds me that pain, insurmountable, impossible pain, can be survived, and that you can come out of it a good person. broken but not destroyed.

remus lupin is a survivor, and that’s important to me. remus’s story gives me a lot of hope for myself because i can survive, too.

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